• A regular safety learning training meeting held on Mar. 29th 2021-04-06
    A regular safety learning training meeting held on Mar. 29th
    In order to better implement lean management, improve operational skills, and expand working ideas, XIAMEN ART SIGN COMPANY LTD. conducted a regular safety learning training meeting organized by the human resources department and workshop management personnel. The main content of this study includes two parts: the safe operation skills of the production line employees and the on-site management ability. Throughout the learning process, the employees of our factory are strictly disciplined, study earnestly, ask for advice humbly, and show a good spirit. Through this training, we have benefited a lot. Everyone has not only improved their cognition and operation ability for their respective positions, but also broadened the idea of on-site lean management, especially on how to regulate the operation of machines and efficiently and safely produce high-quality products. We have received a lot of inspiration and learned new method. We will build on our strengths and make up for our weaknesses and continue to improve, so as to improve work efficiency, enhance the company's overall image, promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the company, and provide customers with excellent solar mounting system products!
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  • Is the size of the photovoltaic module the bigger the better ? 2021-03-25
    Is the size of the photovoltaic module the bigger the better ?
    Recently, large-size photovoltaic modules have been increasingly used in photovoltaic projects. There is no technical difficulty in increasing the size of photovoltaic modules. It is nothing more than simply increasing the number of photovoltaic cells, regardless of the specifications of silicon wafers. Obviously, the dividends brought by the increase in module size have basically reached the limit due to the active promotion of module manufacturers in the past few years. If you go further down, you can no longer bring more value, but rather increase risks. As we all know, the life cycle of a photovoltaic power plant system is generally more than 20 years or even longer. Once the module size is "too large", the risk of cracks and breakage during module installation and long-term use will rise exponentially, and the risks of super-high power and super-high current in the junction box and hot spots will also be greatly increased. In the decades of outdoor operation of the power station system, if it encounters a natural disaster (hail, gale, snow and other extreme weather) that occurs once in a decade, the damage risk of oversized module will increase by more than 80%. If it is a once-in-a-century event, this The risk index will rise sharply to more than 20 times! In the face of unpredictable and major outdoor natural disasters, customers' investment income will not be guaranteed at all, and even insurance companies cannot quantify this risk. According to reports, the self-weight deformation of the module with an area of 3 square meters reaches 11mm, and the type variable will be even more exaggerated under the action of uneven snow and wind. The hot spot power of the super-large module will increase by more than 20%. Superimposed on the local high leakage current density of the large-size battery, the hot spot temperature can easily rise by 180 degrees, which is unbearable for the polymer materials in the module. In terms of transportation and installation damage, even a 3% increase in damage rate is unacceptable for photovoltaic projects that are extremely sensitive to initial investment. As the core component of the photovoltaic power generation system, the stable and safe operation of module products is always the most fundamental "lifeline" of customer interests. Let us look at the actual power station accidents that have sounded the alarm for our module design and photovoltaic power station product selection: Art Sign has always adhered to the basic principle of "quality and safety" in the design and production of Solar Mounting for roof and ground. Art Sign engineer design the solar structures according to the photovoltaic projects' requirements, such as wind load requirements, snow load, and other environmental factors, make sure the strength of the solar mounting structure are strong enough, base on this, engineer team always develop new products and update design to help customers to save cost as much as possible. This is why most of our ...
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  • Art Sign Plants trees on Tree-Planting Day (Arbor Day) | Art Sign 2021-03-15
    Art Sign Plants trees on Tree-Planting Day (Arbor Day) | Art Sign
    March 12th is China's annually National Tree-planting Day. On this day, millions of Chinese, from all walks of life, will put their works at hands aside for a moment, take shovels and buckets as well as saplings, and trek out to green up their hometowns. On Tree Planting Day, China hosts a range of widely organized tree-planting activities. Usually, universities, middle schools, elementary schools, and state-owned enterprises organize students or employees to plant trees in the suburbs. By planting seedlings, fertilizing and watering, people learn to appreciate reforestation and further become aware of the environment in the process. In China, Tree Planting Day has become such an important festival that, in recent years, the “Internet Trees Planting” system has become popular. This system was initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme, China Population Welfare Foundation, and China Green Foundation. By simply logging onto the official website and clicking, people can donate one tree. Art Sign company planted plenty of trees on March 12th, 2021, and we will keep carrying out tree-planting activity on this day of every year to protect the environment and pursue environment-friendly development.
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  • Predicting the 2021 solar renewable energy in Europe | Art Sign 2021-03-08
    Predicting the 2021 solar renewable energy in Europe | Art Sign
    The solar PV sector is no stranger to positive surprises, However, the latest entry in this list has been a really big surprise: newly installed solar power in the European Union increased by 11% to 18.2 GW in 2020! Not only did demand for solar PV systems in the EU grow over the course of a year that was defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, it increased by double digits to a level that marks the second-best ever in EU solar history. 2021 kicked off with the official departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, the continued deployment of various COVID-19 vaccines to the world and the further development of the EU Green Deal. During these tumultuous times, one thing has remained the same – the need and demand for renewable energy. Energy production and distribution remained essential regardless of the pandemic. The aftermath of COVID-19 will push economies into a renewable future The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed how societies, businesses, and governments view the world. As various industries saw a decline in the demand for products and/or services throughout the pandemic, the energy industry witnessed the opposite. Energy production and distribution remained essential regardless of the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen an increased global interest in reducing carbon emissions. Looking ahead, renewables will play a crucial role in power generation for decades to come. For this reason, we don’t foresee a job loss, rather a job transfer – or perhaps a job boom – in renewables in 2021. For those currently working in fossil fuels, this shift will present a great opportunity to transition skills as the energy sector continues to evolve into a clean energy future.  For those seeking employment, the renewable energy industry is hiring for a myriad of positions and we expect this to continue as demand continues to increase. Art Sign as manufacturer and designer of solar mounting structures since 2006, mainly supply a full range of standardized products and customized solar photovoltaic system solutions. Committed to become the most trusted solar photovoltaic system solutions partners with enterprises from all over the world . Europe is one of our best important markets, we will go on promoting solar roof mounting system and solar ground mounting system and various solar mounting components, such as solar rail, stainless steel roof hook, mid clamp, end clamp, standing seam roof clamp, triangle kit, adjustable front leg/rear leg, ground lug, earthing clip, cable clip, ground screw, steel channel rail, etc . For any inquiry for solar mounting system, pls contact me Art Sign email: [email protected]    Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype: + 86 180 3023 5875
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  • Spanish solar market demand | Art Sign Feb 25 ,2021
    Spanish solar market demand | Art Sign
    The Spanish solar market will increase by more than 2.6GW in 2020, and it is still one of the three largest solar markets in Europe. At present, the forecast for the future development of the Spanish solar market is still relatively optimistic. According to data from the European Solar Energy News, it is estimated that by 2024, Spain's total installed solar photovoltaic capacity will reach 29.0GW, becoming the second largest solar market in Europe. In 2020, the new crown epidemic has swept the world, but the entire European Union (EU) solar photovoltaic power generation industry has shown strong resistance to pressure. EU member states installed 18.2GW of solar power capacity in 2020, an increase of 11% over the 16.2GW deployed in the previous year. Spain’s National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) was approved, and the target for 2030 is 74% renewable energy generation and 39.2GW of photovoltaic capacity. From the current 10GW, this means that about 2.8GW of photovoltaic capacity will be added every year in the next ten years. With the support of strategic partners SolarPower Europe and UNEF, the Intersolar (Online) Summit in Spain on April 21-22 this year will deeply discuss the development, opportunities and risks of the Spanish solar market.
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  • Art Sign Solar Passed Annual Examination of ISO 9001:2015 System 2021-02-08
    Art Sign Solar Passed Annual Examination of ISO 9001:2015 System
    ISO 9001: 2015 Standards Technical comes to Art Sign Solar to do the annual inspection. All the system aspects of Art Sign Solar passed the review and accepted better improve suggestion and direction for the following work. Through this inspection, Art Sign Solar will perfect and promote all aspects of management, for further Strengthen the standardized management. Representative of Art Sign Solar Mr Linlin host this meeting, and emphasis the main aim of annual inspection by external audit: to promote our whole company’s operation by external audit, to implement the high quality manage idea of “standardization and internationalization” and insist on the management of “detail, solid, strict, constant”. We will seriously take the improvement suggestions from external audit, constantly learning, improve and upgrade. This review by ISO experts group once again test and verify the compliance and effectiveness of Art Sign Solar ISO9001: 2015 management system, as well as the stability and reliability of products quality performance. Art Sign Solar will work out practical and feasible improvement measures to continually implement ISO 9001:2015 management system standards and requirements, improve the competitiveness of the company, and push the company’s management system to a new level. Art Sign provide aluminum and steel solar structure of Ground mounting system and Roof mounting system.
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  • Art Sign Team is busy before Spring Festival holiday | Artsignenergy.com 2021-01-25
    Art Sign Team is busy before Spring Festival holiday | Artsignenergy.com
    It is a hard time for 2020 due to the covid-19 which influence all over the world. Many people lost work even lost life in 2020 and it is really difficult time for all of us. However, our Art Sign team achieve fruitful achievements through the efforts of all art sign team in 2020. We have not only fulfilled this year's performance target, the total amount has reached 19 million US dollar and it has also increased compared to last year. Now the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming and our production department is still very busy. In order to make the production go smooth, our company will try our best efforts to make the order to ship out before Chinese Spring Festival if we get the confirmed order before 19Jan 2021. We will be on Chinese Spring Festival holiday from 06FEB 2021 to 17FEB 2021. Hope our company will achieve greater performance and obtain greater gains in 2021.
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  • Solar power energy will become Americans’ No. 1 energy source | Artsignenergy.com 2021-01-13
    Solar power energy will become Americans’ No. 1 energy source | Artsignenergy.com
    The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced today that the country's utility-scale solar capacity is expected to increase by 15.4GW in 2021, setting a new record for generating capacity on the U.S. grid. It accordingly increased solar panel, solar brackets and other solar products sales volume. As reported that U.S. solar capacity in 2021 is expected to be 15.4GW, exceeding 2020 by nearly 12GW. Art Sign as an solar brackets manufacturer also will enter American solar market in 2021. We both have solar roof mounting structure and solar ground mounting structure and some other solar components like earthing kit, grounding lug, cable clip. I think this is the new chance for us to American solar market. By report, Texas will lead the largest solar project in the United States, the Samson Solar Center, which will be built in five phases over the next three years, with each phase set to begin operation after completion in 2023. For the large solar project, we also installed in Japan and Brazil. As for the Japan, it is the solar ground mounting structure and is aluminum solar structure with ground screw. Please contact us for more information about solar mounting structures. Email:[email protected]
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  • International Renewable Energy Agency report: photovoltaic power generation will be the future 2020-12-31
    International Renewable Energy Agency report: photovoltaic power generation will be the future
    Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Renewable Energy Agency, said, "I think solar energy will become the new hegemon of the world's electricity market. According to the current policy settings, every year after 2022, the deployment will set a new record." According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, solar production is expected to lead a surge in renewable energy supply in the next 10 years. Under current circumstances, renewable energy will account for 80% of the global power generation growth. In the recently released annual "World Energy Outlook", the International Renewable Energy Agency stated in its core scenario that by 2025, renewable energy is expected to replace coal as the main power generation method. This scenario reflects the policy intentions and goals announced by the International Renewable Energy Agency. According to the report, the total share of solar photovoltaic and wind energy in global power generation will rise from 8% in 2019 to nearly 30% in 2030, and solar photovoltaic power generation capacity will grow at an average annual rate of 12%. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, mature technology and government support mechanisms have reduced the financing costs of large-scale solar photovoltaic projects and helped reduce overall output costs. It said that in most countries, solar photovoltaic power generation is cheaper than new coal or gas-fired power plants. Renewable energy power generation is the only important energy source that will continue to grow in 2020. According to the report, it is hoped that the adoption of a net zero emission target by 2050 will make the performance of photovoltaic power generation stronger. The report also pointed out that despite the growth of solar and wind power generation, carbon emissions are expected to rise in 2021 after a drop of 2.4 billion tons in 2020, and exceed the level of 2019 in 2027, reaching 3.6 billion tons by 2030. The International Renewable Energy Agency said that in many cases, there is still a gap between long-term goals and specific short-term emission reduction plans. The report also said that the integration of new wind and solar power generation will depend on full investment in all parts of the system, including the distribution network. The underlying reason is lower than expected demand or worsening economic conditions in developing countries, which may make the power grid a weak link. According to foreign media reports, the International Renewable Energy Agency predicts in its report on renewable energy that between 2019 and 2024, the total global installed capacity of renewable energy will increase by 1,200 GW, an increase of 50%, and solar photovoltaics will become dominant. Among them, solar photovoltaic alone accounted for 60% of the expected growth, while wind energy on the mainland accounted for a quarter of the growth. Although water power still accounts for one-tenth of the total increase in renewable ene...
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  • The high price will last until the second quarter of 2021 2020-12-14
    The high price will last until the second quarter of 2021
    Art Sign is founded in 2006, We are the designer and producer of aluminum and steel solar mounting products. We supply rooftop and open filed mounting structure for solar panel, with quality material aluminum and carbon steel for 14 years. Some responsible persons of PV enterprises publicly said that is in spite of the downturn of many energy industries, because COVID 19 affected, the PV industry recovered significantly in the fourth quarter of this year, with a wave of rush loading boom and a small jump in the price of product modules. All links of the industrial chain have expanded production. From silicon wafers, battery chips to components, as well as accessories and equipment enterprises, especially the battery and components. Art Sign also keep rising good  business all the time. The industry forecasts that the price of photovoltaic modules will be difficult to fall until the end of the year, and the high price may last until the second quarter of 2021. Looking forward to 2021, it is expected that the general direction of the continuous increase in the proportion of new energy power generation will not change.  will still maintain a high growth rate next year. Art Sign solar mounting system and ground solar mounting system had been wirdely used in over the world. Aluminum Ground systems and steel galvanized farm systems cases Tin roof solar mounting system cases More information, pls contact Art Sign, he will provide more details to you about solar mount structure. Email: [email protected] Whatsapp/Tel: 008615305920518
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  • ArtSign registered capital USD3.85 million 2020-12-11
    ArtSign registered capital USD3.85 million
    As the company continues to grow, based on self strength and strategic requirement, ArtSign has recently increased its registered capital to be upto RMB 25 million (USD3.85 million) to allow itself to serve clients better.
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  • How is solar energy in African countries? 2020-11-17
    How is solar energy in African countries?
    According to the "accelerated development of solar energy in Africa" program, the installed photovoltaic capacity in 2030 will reach 170GW. ART SIGN™ solar mounting system has been exported to many countries since 2006 which includes Australia, Japan, Belgium, Holland, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria etc. The demand of solar energy is increasing, ART SIGN solar roof mounting system and ground solar mounting system had been widely used in many Africa countries. Thin film panel roof mounting system with Klip lock roof clip in South Africa Solar PV metal roof mount with triangle kit in Morocco Solar module aluminum ground mounting in Mali Solar energy flat roof mounting system in Rwanda For more information of solar module mounting structure, please contact us.
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  • Great prospect of photovoltaic | Artsignenergy.com 2020-11-04
    Great prospect of photovoltaic | Artsignenergy.com
    Since the third quarter, photovoltaic plate suddenly emerged, once became a leading sector of a shares. Recently released three quarterly reports show that a number of photovoltaic listed companies have made brilliant achievements. Some research institutions believe that with the advent of the era of affordable access to the Internet, the photovoltaic industry may usher in a 10-year 10-fold expected installed capacity under the promotion of a new generation of technology. In the long run, photovoltaic demand will be more active, and related enterprises will benefit more. I'm glad Artsign is also one of the manufacturers of photovoltaic support systems. The construction and operation of photovoltaic power generation announced by the State Energy Administration in the fourth quarter online news conference also showed that in the first three quarters, the newly installed photovoltaic capacity in China was 18.7 million kilowatts, and the national photovoltaic power generation capacity was 2005 billion kwh, an increase of 16.9% over the same period of last year; the average utilization hours of photovoltaic power in China was 916 hours, an increase of 6 hours on a year-on-year basis. “China has proposed to strive for carbon neutrality by 2060. This goal will force China's energy transformation to accelerate substantially, and renewable energy such as photovoltaic is expected to develop at a double speed in the "14th five year plan" and even longer. This may be the fundamental reason why photovoltaic is so popular. " A professional judge. Artsign is very pound we are in this industry for nearly 14 years . Trust our professional production capacity will help you are all who need develop in solar industry. Solarbe solar photovoltaic network understands that overseas markets with high price tolerance have also experienced "tearing off" situations. As a traditional low-cost market, the gross profit of many module enterprises in China is the lowest among the major markets. Therefore, the gap of 7gw may mainly fall in the Chinese market. It is expected that the annual installed capacity of PV in China will be about 35gw in 2020. Artsign welcome to your contacting at any time for solar mounting systems. More information, pls contact ART SIGN, he will provide more details to you about solar mount structure. Email: [email protected] Whatsapp/Tel: 008618030235875
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  • How to responds provisional anti-dumping duty on Chinese aluminum (solar brackets) ? 2020-10-19
    How to responds provisional anti-dumping duty on Chinese aluminum (solar brackets) ?
    Recently, the European Commission announced that it would impose a provisional anti-dumping duty of up to 48% on aluminum extruding products from China, which is a typical extreme act of trade protection and violates the rules of free competition in the market. It will not only hurt the interests of Chinese exporters, but also the interests of downstream users and related industries in Europe. It is understood that the provisional anti-dumping duty is expected to be levied on October 15, when the importer must pay anti-dumping and countervailing guarantee to continue the import. Art Sign as a manufacturer of solar aluminum structure will certainly be affected. Last week, our Dutch customers said that they were informed that they should pay the anti-dumping and countervailing deposit from buying the aluminum solar components from China. Our Dutch customers expressed that the anti-dumping and countervailing guarantee is so high, so the goods we are producing now will be delay shipment. Due to it is a provisional anti-dumping period now. During this particular period, they want to see our solar steel brackets, maybe there will be used in their other solar projects. The European Aluminium Association said exports of rolled aluminium products from China to the EU, the type covered by the survey, rose from 171,000 tonnes in 2016 to 330,000 tonnes in 2019. In 2019, the market share of imports from China reached more than 12%, double that of four years ago. Art Sign company exports many solar brackets and solar components to Europe also increased 20% in exporting solar aluminum products from 2016 to 2019. Especially solar structure, with the increasing demand of solar energy, there are many solar projects that need solar brackets. For the EU anti-dumping matter, Chinese firms think this is only temporary. Ensuring the survival of the European aluminium value chain is essential for low-carbon measures, including renewable energy, batteries, power systems, resource-efficient packaging, energy-efficient buildings and cleaner production mechanisms. The anti-dumping case will be stopped when the European aluminium industry restore sustainable development. For Art Sign company, we are keeping explore other countries markets to export our solar aluminum brackets. Also, we can’t give up the Europe markets, we will sale our steel solar brackets to our Europe customers. As now there are new steel material that called HOT-DIP ZINC-ALUMINUM-MAGNESIUM ALLOY-COATED STEEL SHEET. What is this material? More information, pls contact Bonnie, she will provide more details to you about solar mount structure. Email: [email protected] Tel: 18030235875
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  • Art Sign Mid Autumn Festival Celebration & Dinner 2020 2020-09-28
    Art Sign Mid Autumn Festival Celebration & Dinner 2020
    In this pleasant season of autumn, we are going to welcome the annual traditional Chinese festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival together with Chinese National Day on the same day. Today, all the staffs of Art Sign gathered at our brother company “New Clears”new office in Xiamen Software Park Phase III. In the afternoon, we are going to celebrate the festivals by an interesting game “Bo Bing”. Bo Bing is a Chinese dice game traditionally played as part of the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is traditionally played with six dice and a china bowl. See, how rich the prizes are. Let’s start gambling. Now we have finished Bo Bing, we have got lots of prizes. See all the happy faces. And our dinner is starting now. We eat and chat, every staffs are receiving a great fun, and have a deeper communication. It helps us to increase relationship between each other, and to give us more motivation on the work. Would you like to join us? According to related regulation, our office will be in the regular holiday break from Oct. 1st to Oct. 8th. However, our sales ladies will still be reachable by emails, telephone, whatsapp/wechat/skype, etc at any time. By this great festival, Xiamen Art Sign Co., Ltd. wish all the old friends and new friends are safe, happy, and healthy! We will always be your reliable partner for solar mounting structure, “ART SIGN, PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT, LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE!”
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