• March 2020 - UAE solar energy exhibition, successfully concluded 2020-03-10
    March 2020 - UAE solar energy exhibition, successfully concluded
    Solartech brings together more than 20 countries and 300 colleagues in the solar energy industry. This is a great opportunity for you to establish a network with photovoltaic colleagues, industry experts, policy makers, scholars and international representatives from all over the world to create trade opportunities. So artsign ( ISEEenergy ) , with sincerity and the best products, is looking forward to meeting you. Our goal is to "win-win" with you. Exhibition results: About 200 companies and individuals are attracted to our booth for exchange and negotiation. Most of the visitors show great interest in our products. Through the exhibition of this product and the exchange and study with the industry personnel, our products are recognized by the enterprises coming to the exhibition, and Artsign is officially understood by the UAE market. We will see after the successful conclusion of this exhibition.
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  • The completion of 1.6MW project in Akita, Japan 2020-04-05
    The completion of 1.6MW project in Akita, Japan
    Japan's photovoltaic market has always been one of the key markets developed by domestic photovoltaic enterprises. In the past 10 years, artsign has won the favor of many local customers by virtue of its high standard design, high-quality products and efficient service response speed. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known EPC companies, laying a solid foundation for the development of artsign's Japanese market. ISEEenergy aluminum alloy scaffold has been widely praised by Japanese customers, and the completed 1.6MW project this year adopts aluminum alloy scaffold. The surface is treated with high standard, with high durability and excellent stability. All support components are highly preassembled, easy to install, saving labor and cost. (Qiutian 1.6MW aluminum alloy scaffold + pile foundation) (Qiutian 1.6MW aluminum alloy scaffold + pile foundation) Qiutian project adopts pile foundation, Shizuoka project adopts ground bolt foundation, both of which have the advantages of fast construction speed, convenient recovery and no damage to the environment. (Qiutian 1.6MW aluminum alloy scaffold + pile foundation) At present, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still in the process of development, and the situation of prevention and control is severe. Many foreign orders of photovoltaic enterprises are affected. The road ahead is difficult but also facing opportunities. Artsign will face the challenges ahead with a more active attitude. Artsign, wait for "sunny" with you!
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  • Fight the COVID-19, iSEEenergy always stay with you 2020-02-10
    Fight the COVID-19, iSEEenergy always stay with you
    At the beginning of 2020, China faced the serious epidemic. Even through, iSEEenergy still started working on Feb after finishing the New Year holiday. Our company arranged the facial mask, hand washing liquid,disinfectant liquid 84, shoe cover, temperature measurement ect. for our colleagues under the epidemic prevention. iSEEenergy daily protection work Meanwhile, Newclears who is a company attach to iSEEenergy mainly producing daily products including facial mask, provide our colleagues enough mask, also, sent facial masks to some our foreign clients who need them.
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  • iSEEenergy group building activity 2020-05-10
    iSEEenergy group building activity
    April, Yichun tour. Xiamen Aixin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. organized an outdoor activity. At 8:00 a.m. on April 26, Aixin's partners had gathered in the company and set out for the destination (a one-day leisure tour in Longgu mountain, Putian). Here, we are going to have a happy and meaningful day. 1、【Team building】 experience purpose: ① Fast smelting team, effective communication; ② Team creativity display; ② Develop team values and code of conduct; 2、【bamboo raft rafting】 take a ride on the bamboo raft, enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the park, see the reflection of distant mountains on the water, listen to the crowing of hundreds of birds on the trees on both sides of the river, and have a good rural life; 3、【Across the canyon】 step on the Xiake ancient road, move the cuitan waterfall, gather the heart corridor, walk the water suspension bridge, cross the ancient corridor bridge, leave a dream butterfly valley, guard the generals and chessboard, step into the Sendai, fairyland and Futan, make a wish for the beast stream, the turtle exploring the sea, the Baofeng temple, step on the water magpie bridge, get together in lover's pool, travel through the immortal ancient cave, the happy Phoenix waterfall, challenge the life limit, explore the ancient Charcoal kilns, reading Jiulong water books, watching Longtan waterfall,Across the water curtain hole, stroll along the two sides of Julongtan, shake the swing, bathe in the sun and enjoy the natural oxygen bar. 4. 【glass bridge】 exercise courage and challenge yourself; 5. 【glass slide】 to experience the fun of childhood and increase the stimulation; 6. 【high altitude slide】 challenge yourself and make a rapid leap.
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