• Chinese’s National Day is coming ! Sep 19 ,2022
    Chinese’s National Day is coming !
    Chinese National Day again in two weeks. Most European enjoy their annual vacation during the summer. And for us, to celebrate National Day, we have 7 days holiday, which is the longest holiday except Spring Festival holiday. We Art Sign staff also have the 7 days off, from Oct.1st-Oct.7th . Because of the long holiday, production of September is the busiest of a year. To help customers get their solar mounting products timely, ArtSign prepares material months ago, production department is very busy, trying their best to produce products as quickly as possible.
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  • Art Sign Mid-Autumn Festival Sep 5 ,2022
    Art Sign Mid-Autumn Festival
    The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming again, Art Sign factory is very busy recently, full of European solar mounting brackets, solar roof tile hooks, aluminum mounting rails, solar clamp for mounting system, mini rail solar mounting, tin roof hook for solar etc... However, the festival activities still need to be carried out, and the mooncake gambling event is coming. We were divided into eight groups, with about nine people in each group. The award included paper towels, soap, shower gel, shampoo, pot, cash and other rich prizes. What prizes you win depends on your luck. Everyone worked hard and hoped to win more and more big prizes. All of us are very happy. After the activities, everyone went back to their jobs and resumed their busy work. Here, we also wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Art Sign is established in 2006, our company has more and more employees, and the company is developing better and better. If you have any inquiry about aluminum profile for solar panel, structure solar corrugated roof mounting hook, adjustable stainless steel roof hook, ground screw anchor, solar panel mounting clamps,  solar mini rail, pv solar roof hook inquiry. Contact us! Thank you ~
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  • Global Renewables in 2022 Aug 22 ,2022
    Global Renewables in 2022
    The world added a record 295 gigawatts (GW) of new renewable power capacity in 2021, overcoming supply chain challenges, construction delays, and high raw material prices. Global capacity additions are expected to rise 25 GW this year to 320 GW. That’s the equivalent of meeting the entire electricity demand of Germany, or matching the EU’s total electricity generation from natural gas. Solar is on track to account for 60% of global renewable power growth in 2022, followed by wind and hydropower. In the European Union, annual additions jumped by almost 30% to 36 gigawatts in 2021. Europe’s renewable capacity is set to grow more in 2022 and 2023, as Brussels aims to launch a “European Solar Rooftops Initiative” to help cut gas-fueled power and heating in domestic and commercial buildings and move away from Russian fossil fuels, according to a draft seen by Reuters, which is expected to be published next week. Art Sign as a professional manufacturer,mainly supply solar ground mounting system,solar rooftop mounting system,carport solar mounting system,farm solar mounting system and pole solar mounting system,etc.We have more than 15 years experiences in manufacturing and designing of solar pv mounting. If you have any inquiry or project,our engineers will design the best solar mounting solution for you. CHOOSE ART SIGN SOLAR MOUNTING,CHOOSE FUTURE GREENER LIFE !
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  • Explanation of the design points of solar roof mount system Aug 8 ,2022
    Explanation of the design points of solar roof mount system
    The design of the solar mount should be as simple as possible, reasonable in force, firm and reliable, durable, economical in cost and easy to construct, and fully consider factors such as load-bearing, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, and corrosion resistance. The solar mount design should also consider reducing welding as much as possible, preferably using hinged or screw-fixed combined connection, which is convenient for installation, adjustment and removal. When designing the solar mount, the selection and design of the solar mount should be carried out according to the capacity design of the photovoltaic power generation system, the calculated number and size of the photovoltaic modules, the optimal inclination angle of the square array, the installation position and installation method of the photovoltaic modules, etc. The design of roof solar brackets should be carried out according to different roof structures. For sloped roofs, brackets parallel to the slope of the roof can be designed. The height of the brackets is about 10~15cm away from the roof surface to facilitate the ventilation and heat dissipation of solar modules. It can also be designed as a roof inclination bracket with a low front and a high back according to the optimal inclination angle to meet the maximum solar energy reception of solar modules. The flat roof is generally designed as a triangular bracket, and the angle of the inclined surface of the bracket is the optimal receiving inclination angle of the solar module. The roof solar support must be connected to the main structure of the building, not to the roof material. If the concrete and cement foundation is used to fix the bracket on the roof. Or the roof is drilled with pre-embedded steel bars, or the roof surface of the foundation part is treated to be uneven to increase the adhesion between the roof surface and the concrete foundation, and then secondary waterproofing treatment is performed on the damaged part of the roof waterproof layer. For roofs that cannot be used as concrete foundations, the solar modules are generally fixed directly with angle steel brackets. The fixing of the brackets requires the use of wire rope.
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  • Slovenia announces plan to deploy another 1 GW of solar by 2025 Jul 25 ,2022
    Slovenia announces plan to deploy another 1 GW of solar by 2025
    The plan envisages opening the Slovenian energy market to large-scale solar plants and is intended to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. Slovenia‘s Ministry of Infrastructure is currently cooperating with the country's national grid operator ELES and distribution system operator SODO to set up a plan to add another 1 GW of PV capacity over the next three years. The announcement was given by minister Bojan Kumer on the same day the Slovenian government announced a plan to limit the maximum electricity prices for households and small businesses to between €0.081 and €0.118/kWh. The details of the new solar plan were not disclosed. Kumer said, however, that it will include the development of large-scale solar parks, which have so far seen limited deployment in the country due to strict regulations preventing them from being built in agricultural areas. The minister specified the new solar plants will be built on suitable areas and will be open to crowdfunding from nearby communities. The country's largest PV plant is a 6 MW solar park that Slovenian hydropower plant operator HESS built close to its 47.7 MW Brežice hydroelectric plant on the lower Sava River. In February, Slovenian energy and oil provider Petrol Group announced it would build three photovoltaic plants with a combined capacity of 22 MW in Knin, Croatia. According to the latest statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Slovenia's total installed PV capacity stood at just 367 MW by the end of 2020. Most of its existing capacity comes from rooftop PV installed in 2012 (122 MW), 2011, (54 MW) and 2010 (37 MW) under the national feed-in tariff scheme, which expired at the end of 2013, and a net metering scheme for PV installations up to 11 kW in late 2015. Xiamen art sign co.,ltd can produce 15-20MW of mounting structure per month, and we are professional on customized products such as Tile roof mounting system,Metal roof mounting system,Aluminum ground mounting system, solar farm mounting system and so on . Welcome to send us any inquiry and we will offer you good price and best service and excellent products . Email : [email protected] whatsapp/ wechat/ skype +86 180 3023 5875
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  • Artsign new solar structure design Jul 12 ,2022
    Artsign new solar structure design
    Art sign established in 2006, Artsign is the designer and producer of aluminum and steel products. We supply rooftop and open filed mounting structure for solar panel with quality material aluminum and carbon steel. Today I would like to show you our new design for Slanting flat roof, you can see the below pictures, this is aluminum solar structure, use aluminum based plate and expansion bolt to fix the concrete roof. And then aluminum structures supporting to support solar panels. This design can soak up the sunshine fully. Art sign have professional design team that can design any solar structures to meet your request based on your any requirements.If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us at any time.
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  • Viewing the development of Solar industry from the European interssolar Exhibition Jun 27 ,2022
    Viewing the development of Solar industry from the European interssolar Exhibition
    Recently, the interssolar Europe International Solar Energy Exhibition opened in Munich, Germany. From the relevant information of the exhibition, we can find out the development trend of "market and technology". The European photovoltaic market continues to be booming, the optical storage market develops rapidly, the BIPV market is worth looking forward to, the n-type products are fully introduced to the market, and the overseas layout of the photovoltaic industry chain needs attention. 1) The European photovoltaic market continues to be booming. In terms of domestic exports, the strong overseas demand mainly comes from the European market and the Latin American market. According to PV InfoLink, the scale of PV modules exported to Europe in the first quarter of 2022 was 16.7gw, an increase of 145% compared with 6.8gw in the same period last year. Since the beginning of this year, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has triggered an energy crisis in Europe. European countries have paid more attention to energy security and energy independence, and accelerated the transformation to renewable energy. Among them, Germany has raised the time for full use of renewable energy to 2035, stimulating the demand for photovoltaic products. According to the data of the European Photovoltaic Association, in 2021, the installed capacity of PV in Europe was 25.9gw, a year-on-year increase of 34%; Combined with export data, we predict that the new PV installed capacity in Europe is expected to exceed 40gw in 2022, with a year-on-year increase of more than 54%. Driven by the European market, we expect that the global new PV installed capacity is expected to reach 230gw, with a year-on-year increase of more than 30%, and the demand rhythm is expected to improve quarter by quarter. The recent continuous upward trend of industrial chain prices is consistent with our previous forecast. 2)The optical storage market is developing rapidly, and the BIPV market is worth looking forward to. With the rapid growth of new installed capacity, the optical storage market driven by distributed PV shows a trend of more rapid development. On the one hand, under the trend of energy security and green transformation, distributed photovoltaic has developed rapidly; On the other hand, with the continuous upward trend of European electricity prices, the economy of light storage integration is becoming more and more obvious. The rapid growth of demand has also received rapid feedback in the industrial chain. Inverter enterprises have released energy storage inverters and provided integrated optical storage solutions, and even some component enterprises have released energy storage systems. In addition, the BIPV market is also worth looking forward to. Many component companies have released soft components and provided corresponding installation solutions. The photovoltaic application market presents a diversified development trend, which also puts forward higher requirements for photo...
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  • Italian Government Expects 3.37 GW of New Solar Capacity for 2022 2022-06-13
    Italian Government Expects 3.37 GW of New Solar Capacity for 2022
    In the last decade, solar power capacity has grown tremendously to become the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in the world. Italy is the leading country worldwide for electricity consumption covered by solar PV. In the European Union, the Italian PV sector is second only to the German one. Photovoltaics represent one of the renewable energy sources the country relies the most on. According to Italian Minister of Economic Development Roberto Cingolani, Italy is expected to deploy around 5.1 GW of new renewable energy power generation capacity in 2022. Around 0.64 GW of new renewable energy projects were already connected to the grid in the first four months of the year and another 0.68 GW should be switched on soon in the country's high voltage network operated by Terna. Furthermore, another 3.8 GW of installations were recently approved and should come online by the end of the year. The Italian government expects PV to represent around 3.37 GW of the predicted new renewable energy capacity, of which 2.8 GW should be deployed on the low and middle voltage network. Moreover, it said that another 2.1 GW of authorized renewable energy projects may come online in 2023 and another 1.1 GW in 2024. “This would bring to 8 GW the authorized capacity since the government launched its action to accelerate renewables,” the ministry said, referring to the measures it announced this year to streamline clean energy development. Xiamen Art Sign has been focusing on consistently providing convenient, reliable, and innovative solar mounting systems over the past years, our systems, esp. solar panel roof mounting systems are widely used in Europe, like Spain, France, Italy, German, the Netherlands, etc. Hopefully, we can be a strong partner in your PV projects.
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  • China's renewable energy capacity expands rapidly in first four months May 30 ,2022
    China's renewable energy capacity expands rapidly in first four months
    In the January-April period, the capacity of wind power jumped 17.7 percent year-on-year to around 340 million kilowatts, while solar farms saw capacity hit 320 million kilowatts, an increase of 23.6 percent, according to the National Energy Administration. By the end of April, the country's total installed power generation capacity reached about 2.41 billion kilowatts, rising 7.9 percent from a year ago, the data showed. ART SIGN as a professional solar structure manufacturer since 2006. Although COVID-19 affected, but Art Sign still work hard to design and manufacture new products with high quality to customers. So far Art Sign has own products solar ground mount, solar roof mount,solar pole mount, ground pile screw, tile roof hook, solar roof clamps etc... Also provide customize service for global customer. The goods exported to Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa more than 50 countries. Art Sign producing capacity reach 300 MW mounting structures in 2021. ART SIGN design the mounting system according to the requested installation site, wind load, snow load etc. with aluminum, ZAM steel, HDG steel, C shape steel etc. various material. We are located in Xiamen, with convenient transportation access. The goods has AS/NZS 1170 Standard and SGS test report, ISO certificate CE, JIS, TUV certificate. Prompt and highly-efficient shipment make sure that our client can receive the goods on time and qualified. If you have any issue of solar mounting structure please feel free to contact us. [email protected]
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  • The New Trend of Solar Rooftop Structure -Industry+PV May 16 ,2022
    The New Trend of Solar Rooftop Structure -Industry+PV
    For the Solar Rooftop Structure,there are Various of Roof Types.The era of Industry+PV become a new Trend.. To install photovoltaic solar mounting system on building rooftop which become the first choice for many business owners to increase income and reduce expenditure. Industrial buildings have large ereas can be used to install Solar PV Mounting, the enterprise are large consumers of electricity. If photovoltaic can be combined with these roof resources, it will be a huge wealth, not only economical benefits, but it also can promote the visibility of the enterprise. Solar energy is a green renewable energy, we should make better use of it. Art sign is a professional Designer and manufacturer. Who specialized in the design, development and production of solar mounting system Since 2006. We own an excellent team that is more than 80 employees, with 8500 m2 plant and 2000m2 office area . Our Capacity: 20-30 MW Mounting Structures per month. And So far we have developed more than 100 solutions of Photovoltaic Solar PV mounting system (including Solar roof mount and ground Solar mount, agriculture structure,solar carport mounting) and thousands of solar accessories. Welcome your inquiry.
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  • ART SIGN Solar mounting system has been verified with TUV certification. Apr 29 ,2022
    ART SIGN Solar mounting system has been verified with TUV certification.
    At the beginning of this year 2022, Artsign prepared and sent pitched roof solar mounting system and ZAM steel ground solar mounting system samples to TUV laboratory, for testing the PV module mounting systems we manufactured which comply with the European standard: PPP 59029A:2013 rev. 2. After several months communication with TUV technical department, finally we got the TUV certificate. For details see:https://www.tuvsud.com/en/services/product-certification/ps-cert, show as below. Art sign solar mounting system solution, solar mounting components are mainly exported to Japan, France, Brazil, the Netherlands ect., mostly to European countries. We are glad that our products are approved by TUV laboratory which guarantees that Artsign is a reliable company and our solar mounting meet EU standard. Except European standard TUV certificate, Artsign’s structure also applied other certificate which includes CE, Australia AS/NZS, SGS report, American ASCE7-10 etc.. If you are interested in learning more about our solar structure, please contact with us right now.
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  • ArtSign rooftop solar mounting structure for Europe market is accelerating day by day Apr 25 ,2022
    ArtSign rooftop solar mounting structure for Europe market is accelerating day by day
    The European energy crisis has pushed European countries to speed up to find secure and affordable renewable energy to make energy independence. Since both sunshine and wind are free energy, solar energy and wind energy system has been a preferable option.Just this first quarter, according to incomplete statistics, inquiries about solar mounts in European countries have increased by almost 20%. Since 2005, renewable energy has been grown quickly world wide, this growth is because of renewable energy support policies by governments and big cost reduction in recent years, especially for wind power and solar photovoltaic. Clients from France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, etc. countries have been working with Art Sign for more than 8 years. Though material price and sea freight cost keep high level, ArtSign offer special accounts for some best sellers, such as solar rails, solar clamps, solar hooks, etc. Last week one of our Belgium clients has signed contract and make down payment for an order of USD530000 for adjustable stainless steel tile hook solar mounting.Besides solar hook, there’s also increasing inquiries for solar mini rail, solar clamps, etc. There’s many roofs in EU, thus solar panel roof mounting systems has been best sellers for European residential solar solutions. People can easily and quickly  mounting solar panels on metal roof, tile roof and concrete flat roof, for both on grid and off grid solutions.
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  • ArtSign has successfully participated at Netherlands Solar Solutions International exhibition Apr 18 ,2022
    ArtSign has successfully participated at Netherlands Solar Solutions International exhibition
    Solar Solutions International is one of the largest exhibitions for solar photovoltaic energy in Northwestern Europe, each year, more than ten thousand visitors go to visit this fair, Art Sign solar has been to the Netherlands to present the solar mounting system in this trade fair for 3 years. Art Sign solar team would like to extend our appreciation for every client’s visit. Thanks a lot for being interested in our solar panel mounting brackets. Exhibition name: Solar Solutions 2022 Booth No.: F14 Date: 12th-14th April. 2022 Location:Expo Haarlemmermeer, Stelling 1, 2141 SB Vijfhuizen Though due to the Epidemic, many projects for solar roof mounting system has been delayed, the market is there. Besides the Russia-Ukraine war, Europe countries need to find sustainable, secure, and independent solar mounting system solutions.Art Sign solar has been a professional manufacturer for more than 16 years, please feel free to contact us for both OEM and ODM services. We looking forward to seeing you next year in Solar Solutions International 2023.
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  • Tomb Sweeping festival Apr 11 ,2022
    Tomb Sweeping festival
    05-April is Tomb-sweeping Day, which is the most grand and grand ancestor worship festival in the Chinese nation. Tomb-sweeping Day embodies the national spirit, inherits the sacrificial culture of Chinese civilization, and expresses people's moral feelings of respecting their ancestors and following records. 1.Outing The Chinese nation has the custom of Qingming outing since ancient times. During the Qingming Festival, spring returns to the earth, and the natural world presents a vibrant scene everywhere, which is a good time for outings. Therefore, people took advantage of the convenience, and besides sweeping the tombs, the family, young and old, also had fun in the mountains and countryside. 2.Flying kite Kite flying is a traditional game during the Qingming Festival. During the Qingming Festival, people put it not only during the day, but also at night. At night, a string of colorful small lanterns are hung under the kite or on the pull line, like twinkling stars, which are called "magic lanterns". In the past, after some people put kites in the blue sky, they cut off the strings and let the breeze send them to the ends of the earth. 3.Tomb Sweeping Tomb-sweeping during the Qingming Festival is known as "tomb sacrifice", which is the "respect of the time" to ancestors. Sweeping tombs to worship ancestors is the center of the custom of Qingming Festival. The Qingming Festival mainly sacrifices ancestors, expressing the filial piety of the sacrificers and their longing for their ancestors.
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  • The Netherlands show: solar pv roof mount structure | Art Sign Mar 24 ,2022
    The Netherlands show: solar pv roof mount structure | Art Sign
    Due to epidemic, the Netherlands Solar Show was postponed for two years, finally it’s going to be held as scheduled. Xiamen Art Sign Co., Ltd. will focus on the display of roof solar mounting at the exhibition. We are professional manufacturer for roof bracket & ground mounted solar rack system since 2006. In the exhibition, we will mainly show solar roof mount , such as  solar tile roof hook, aluminum mounting rails, solar hook aluminum, solar panel fixing clamps and other rooftop mounting structure. 1.solar tile roof mounting structure hook We manufacture various stainless steel hook solar panel roofing hooks, general 1# stainless steel tile hooks, best selling adjustable stainless steel roof hook, 9# stainless steel solar tile roof hook and also welcome customized stainless roof hook. 2.structure aluminum bracket roof mounting rails D nut series aluminum solar rail and T bolt series bracket aluminium profile are our best selling anodized aluminum railings, and many custom like black solar aluminium mount rails,  we also can do custom extruded aluminum rail. 4.aluminum clamp for solar system D nut solar mounting clamp is the most popular pv solar clamp, adjustable solar mid end clamp, customized black solar mounting system clamp. 5.flat roof solar mount system For flat meatl and concrete rooftop, we can use flat roof solar triangle ballast, adjustable tilt flat roof solar racking, pv aluminium mounting kit triangle, tripod solar bracket.
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