European solar gathered to warn of the challenges facing the EU's green transition Oct 17,2023.
Under the pressure of inventory accumulation and continuous price reduction of the industrial chain in Europe, the European solar industry is under great pressure.
Representatives of the European solar industry gathered in Madrid to warn the EU that Europe's efforts to expand its green technology industry are facing a series of challenges, including high energy costs and supply chain problems. At the start of the rally, the European Commission and European governments are considering tougher measures on the import of photovoltaic products, hoping to promote Europe's clean technology manufacturing industry and reduce dependence on China's industrial chain.

At the rally, a number of solar companies pointed out that the European solar industry has become "unprofitable.""It is difficult to make solar production profitable in Europe." Gonzalo de la Vina, president of Trina Solar Europe, Middle East and Africa, said at an event. It is known that TRW has photovoltaic manufacturing operations in China, Vietnam and Thailand, but not in Europe, and the company is also planning to invest more than $200 million to build a solar photovoltaic manufacturing plant in Texas.

In addition, although the industrial chain continues to reduce prices, there is still no sign of pick-up in terminal demand. "End customers have to be incentivised to buy European products," said Christopher Atassi of Gonvarri Solar Steel. "If end demand doesn't pick up, it's hard to invest."Many European countries are planning to restrict the import of photovoltaic products, during the National Day news, Germany is considering a number of pending policies, including trade protection, to protect the global solar module price decline. Among the options in the plan are state subsidies for domestic PV modules and tariffs on imported Chinese modules. However, before any practical measures can be taken, the European Commission should first approve them. On Wednesday, Spain's acting energy Minister Teresa Ribera did not rule out imposing tariffs on imports of solar power materials.

However, the European solar industry has raised objections to the plan, with the European Solar Industry Association warning policymakers against imposing tariffs on imports, saying such a policy would lead to supply disruptions and seriously harm the growth of clean energy installations in Europe. A number of European solar companies also said that the need, the EU needs to incentivize end customers to purchase inventory and other ways to ease the current pressure.

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