• Art Sign Mid Autumn Festival Celebration 2021 2021-09-21
    Art Sign Mid Autumn Festival Celebration 2021
    In the pleasent season of Autumn , There is a festival named" Mid Autumn Day" ,which is annual Chinese traditional Festival. Every year, Art Sign organize all employees to attend Bobing game and Dinner to celebrate our Mid-Autumn Festival, Bobing as it is known in Chinese, is complicated and insightful, and comes into its own in Xiamen for the festival. This year,we should have organized Bobing Activity in September, however it delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Finally this afternoon,we will restart this Bobing Game,Good Luck to everyone ! Bobing has been maintained as a Mid-Autumn custom by the locals for hundreds of years, forming a part of the city's own particular mooncake culture. Bobing is a highly enjoyable game in which people throw dice into a bowl, with the different pips they get standing for the different ranks of awards they can win. Those who play the game believe that the player who rolls the top prize, called "Zhuangyuan", will enjoy a year of good fortune. By our Mid-Autumn Festival, Art Sign wish all friends be safe, happy, lucky, healthy and prosperious! We will be always your reliable partner of Solar Mounting Structure . CHOOSE ART SIGN SOLAR MOUNTING,CHOOSE FUTURE GREENER LIFE !
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  • Art Sign New Material introduction -Zinc-Aluminum Magnesium Coated Steel Sep 30 ,2021
    Art Sign New Material introduction -Zinc-Aluminum Magnesium Coated Steel
    What is Zinc Aluminum Magnesium Coated Steel? This Zinc Aluminum-Magnesium Coated Steel Sheet in market which is also called ZAM coated steel is one newly developed with coating layers of 100-450g +/-10g which owns very strong corrosion-resistant ability. And zinc aluminum-magnesium coated steel is a new type of corrosion-resistant coated steel sheet consisting mainly of zinc, about 11% aluminum, 3% magnesium and trace amounts of silicon. Our zinc aluminum magnesium coated steel adds Al, Mg, Si to the conventional Zn plating, and the these added chemicals elements improve the corrosion resistance. This Zin Aluminium Magnesium steel feathers superior corrosion-resistance on the surface, bend processed parts, ammonia environment, cut edge, drawing-processed parts. Zinc-Aluminum Magnesium Coated Steel Advantage 1. Excellent anti-rust performance! The rust-proof performance of the flat part is no need to speak. 2.The rust resistance of the end face is also excellent. 3. Moreover, alkali resistance is also excellent. This zinc aluminum magnesium steel coil in comparison with hot-dip galvanized steel and hot-dip galvanized 5% aluminum alloy steel, can achieve the same corrosion resistance but use less plating layers. In addition, because of its excellent resistance to red rust, it can be used to be instead of stainless steel or aluminum plate. 4. Excellent processing property performance! Bending portion, the stretching portion is also hard to rust, surface processing is not rare injuries, very beautiful. 5. Weldability, paint is also very good. 6. Withstand the rigors of processing with the plating adhesion. In addition, the coating hardness is high, with excellent resistance to damage. 7.  new material can greatly reduce costs and shorten delivery time due to the no need for post-plating. 8. May also be a substitute for stainless steel and aluminum. 9. It is resistance to severe conditions of the processing of adhering. In addition to high hardness coating, with excellent resistance to damage. ZAM Steel is widely used in solar PV installation,Art Sign as manufacturer and designer of aluminum and steel solar mounting structures,for any project,pls contact us for more details.
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  • The components you need when mount roof solar Sep 22 ,2021
    The components you need when mount roof solar
    Rooftop solar pv system is growing fast, but it's not growing at the same pace everywhere -- and it's not yet accessible to everyone. I love rooftop solar, and I would like to see them on every flat surface that gets sunlight — schools, stores, churches, storage units, etc. The roof solar installation is easy and all the components are simple. Let's see what kinds of components you need when install roof solar. A. Solar panels Solar energy begins with the sun. Solar panels (also known as "PV panels") are used to convert light from the sun, which is composed of particles of energy called "photons", into electricity that can be used to power electrical loads. B. Mounting clamps Mounting clamps are generally aluminum brackets with stainless steel bolts that hold the solar panels securely against the underlying racking. Some clamps provide an electrical grounding path between the panel and underlying racking. C. Solar Racking Solar Racking, which is made of aluminum or stainless steel, can hold the solar panels safely and stably. There are multiple roof solar mounting systems on the markets for options, such as the tile roof solar racking, the flat roof solar racking and slate roof solar racking, etc. It is required to choose different rooftop racking system according to different roof types. D. Mounts Mounts – also referred to as L-feet, standoffs or stanchions – attach the racking to the roof surface. Mounts vary depending on roof type and material, which varies from composition shingle to corrugated metal. A 20-panel array (about 5 kW) will typically require 25 to 40 mounts. F. Direct current (DC) wiring Direct current (DC) wiring (for string inverters) uses positive and negative wires from each panel connected to the wires on adjacent panels. G. Alternating current (AC) wiring Alternating current (AC) wiring (for microinverters and AC modules) uses AC cables (trunk cables or daisy chain cables) connecting each microinverter to adjacent microinverters. Cables must be secured to the racking or panels so that they do not hang down or rest on the roof surface. H. Inverters Inverters are electronic devices that can turn DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current). It is also responsible for controlling speed and torque for electric motors. I. Grounding components It will keep the system be securely grounded. With rooftop solar becoming popular worldwide, it is becoming increasingly important for residential and commercial units to understand more about the solar PV system and its components. If you need special roof solar racking system solutions, Artsign will be your reliable partner. Kindly check out our office website at www.artsignenergy.com.
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  • France approves new climate law, including several measures to support PV Sep 7 ,2021
    France approves new climate law, including several measures to support PV
    The Climate and Resilience Law was officially promulgated and published in the official journal on August 24. For solar, several measures could have a direct impact on the development of projects in the years to come. From pv magazine France France's Climate and Resilience Law was officially promulgated and published in the nation's official journal yesterday. It aims in particular to improve the air quality of large cities, support building renovation, promote electric mobility, fight against ground concretization, and integrate more vegetarian menus in canteens. “It is a comprehensive and ambitious text that permanently anchors ecology in our development model,” said Barbara Pompili, minister for the ecological transition, in a press release. “We are now focused on the next step: introducing the secondary legislation to concretely translate the measures of the text into the daily lives of the French.” Regarding solar photovoltaic energy, several measures could have a direct impact on the development of projects in the years to come. These include a cost reduction for the grid connection of PV systems not exceeding 500 kW in size, and the solarization of new buildings. According to the text, as of January 1, 2023, new commercial and industrial buildings, as well as warehouses and hangars of more than 500m2 and office buildings of more than 1,000m2, will have to solarize 30% of their surface. As of January 1, 2024, new car parking areas of more than 500m2 will have to solarize 50% of their surface, and 100% if carports are present in the area. The law also includes streamlining the authorization process for installing solar power plants on wasteland in coastal areas and the possibility of launching calls for tenders for large scale storage and hydrogen projects in metropolitan France. Xiamen Art Sign co.,ltd is the designer and producer of aluminum and steel products since 2006. Xiamen art sign co.,ltd can produce 15-20MW of mounting structure per month, and we are professional on customized products such as Tile roof mounting system,Metal roof mounting system,Aluminum ground mounting system, solar farm mounting system and so on. Welcome to send us any inquiry and we will offer you good price and best service and excellent products . Email : [email protected]   whatsapp/ wechat/ skype +86 180 3023 5875
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  • Artsign Solar Alibaba Gold certification | Art Sign Aug 23 ,2021
    Artsign Solar Alibaba Gold certification | Art Sign
    Art sign solar company has Alibaba International Site to sell solar mounting brackets to the world. Every year, we will go on Gold certificate in alibaba to express strength of our factory. And this year Gold certification finished last month. There are two parts, one is check our factory information, another is the main factory filmmaker. About the main factory filmmaker, we film not only the factory's production, but also our products. Attachment below is some pictures that show our company. And the below attached are our solar mounting brackets products for you ref. About the introduction of our factory, we also have proceed one live stream at last week. It mainly introduce our equipment and what they do and mainly produce what solar accessories. If you are interested, you can see our alibaba company name: Artsign solar, or you can open the link to see:https://artsignsolar.en.alibaba.com Every Wednesday 8:30p.m. in China time, we will go on a live stream to introduce our each of our solar products. Welcome to our Artsign Live Stream. More information, pls contact bonnie , she will provide more details to you about solar mount structure. Email: [email protected]  Whatsapp/Tel:008618030235875
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  • The live shows will be on 18th ,August Aug 9 ,2021
    The live shows will be on 18th ,August
    Due to the impact of the COVID 19  and the promotion of live shows on all major platforms, Art sign also began to try this way of live stream, in order to better and more intuitively display our company's products to new and old customers. Below pics is our last week live shows: Our next live shows will be on 18th ,August  8:30pm to 9:30pm ,will carry on 1 hour , welcome all of you to watch our live shows on time !, Art sign is very professional manufacturer in solar mounting systems (Aluminum brackets ,rails ,L brackets,Clamps  , Aluminum roof hook and stainless steel roof hook,Pole ground mounting systems  ,Adjustable feet )for more than 15 years . we Offer and produce the Unique Design Of Solar PV Mounting System. Art sign has lots of strength , such as  Strong R&D capability. OEM&ODM.AS/NZS 1170 Standard and SGS test report, ISO certificate CE, JIS.Pre-assemble main structure which saves your labor cost and installation time.Prompt and highly-efficient shipment make sure that our client can receive the goods on time and qualified.Rich experience of exporting.Our products exported to Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa more than 50 countries.So wait for your join cooperation with Artsign . This time we will show you the belows items , if you have any interest in our items ,don’t hesitate to follow our shops and  feel free to send inquiry to us . More information, pls contact Vicki , she will provide more details to you about solar mount structure. Email: [email protected] Whatsapp/Tel:008618030235875
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  • The First Live Show of Solar Roof Mounting Brackets from Art Sign Energy Aug 3 ,2021
    The First Live Show of Solar Roof Mounting Brackets from Art Sign Energy
    Art Sign Energy is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of solar roof mounting system, solar ground mounting system, solar carport system, solar agricultural mounting system and solar components, it offers turnkey service to customers from the product solution design, product manufacturing, technical support to after sales service. Art Sign Energy is strictly following the industry standards, such as AS/NZS1170.2, and applied ISO9001, CE, SGS certification. To make the customers have a better idea of our company and products, last Wednesday, Art Sign Energy offered its first live stream on alibaba. The show focused on the introduction of Art Sign’s most popular solar roof mounting brackets, including solar mid & end clamps, different heights of L feet, stainless steel roof hooks, grounding clips, adjustable tilt kits, and flat roof triangle kits. Got positive feedback from our customers, they thought the live stream was interesting and had plenty info, it was a good start and it was very encouraging for us to continue to do the livestream. Normally, we’ll do the show on every Wednesday. Our next show is coming soon, welcome to watch.:) https://artsignenergy.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.7756200.0.0.1e9d71d2dVnoXy Live time: 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 4th, Aug China Standard Time (CST), UTC +8
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  • EU Plans to Increase 2030 Renewables Target to 40% Jul 26 ,2021
    EU Plans to Increase 2030 Renewables Target to 40%
    EU countries may need to ramp up renewables deployment in the next decade to reach its new greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal - driving down emissions across the EU by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. On 14 July, the EU’s executive branch, the European Commission, has updated its Renewable Energy Directive to increase the overall binding target from 32% to a new level of 40% renewables in the bloc’s energy mix by 2030. Analysis from the trade association predicts that the 40% ambition will require a total of 660GW of solar PV deployed in Europe by 2030, up from the approximately 137GW installed as of year-end 2020. To increase the attractiveness of renewables projects for private investors, the Commission proposes measures to make permitting more efficient and to promote direct contracts between producers and consumers. Additionally, new emissions trading for transport and for fuels used in buildings would provide a price signal to reduce energy use and increase the share of renewable energy in electricity production. All draft measures will need to be approved by the EU’s 27 member states and are expected to be negotiated over the next 2-3 years before becoming law. EU, one of the most important markets to Art Sign, to access to EU market, the company has obtained CE certification, takes responsibility for the compliance of its products with all applicable European health, safety, performance and environmental requirements. Art Sign is and will be always delivering superior solar mounting brackets, and keeps providing top-notch customer service. To learn more about our company and solar mounting brackets, welcome to watch our live stream: Live time:8pm on 28th, July China Standard Time (CST), UTC +8
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  • What is the main solar energy market in Europe, Spain maybe the next top one? Jul 12 ,2021
    What is the main solar energy market in Europe, Spain maybe the next top one?
    In 2020, Spain’s total new installed capacity of renewable energy is 4.63GW, and the installed capacity of photovoltaics reaches 3.2GW, of which residential spontaneous self-use users account for 19%, which is nearly doubled than the 10% in 2019 (623MW); commercial photovoltaics installed capacity accounted for 23% (approximately 736 MW), and industrial projects accounted for 58%. (Picture: In 2020, the cumulative power generation of new energy in Spain increased by 6.5%) ART SIGN solar mounting system  has been exporting to Spain since 2006. The main solar structure ART SIGN provided for Spain market is rooftop solar mounting system, which includes tile rooftop solar mounting system, flat rooftop solar mounting system, metal rooftop solar mounting system. Meanwhile, ART SIGN provide ground solar mount for several solar energy system in open field. Solar panel tile roof mount Adjustable flat roof mounting system Metal roof aluminum l foot solar roof mount Due to anti-dumping tax of aluminum products in Europe countries, now importing aluminum solar mounting structure system maybe a problem for some customers. But if we update the material into steel, do you think it will solve the problem? Share with us your any opinion.
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  • Weekend party Jun 28 ,2021
    Weekend party
    Art Sign is located in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city. In addition to the very convenient transportation-it only takes 40 minutes from our factory to Xiamen Port (this can save a lot of inland transportation costs for customers), what must be said is the seafood in Xiamen, because of the geographical advantage, the seafood here is very fresh It is possible that the crabs you ate on the table were swimming freely in the sea an hour ago; not only are they fresh, but the price is also very affordable. Therefore, most of the themes of dinner parties here are mainly seafood. This weekend, in order to relax the colleagues who have been working hard for a week, Art Sign staffs went to the famous seafood restaurant in Xiamen again for dinner. Fresh shrimps, crabs, Squid, sea fish, etc., seafood with ice beer, everyone enjoyed it very much. After eating delicious food, taking a walk to the nearby beach and blowing the summer sea breeze, it was a wonderful weekend !
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  • Australia’s solar capacity could up to 80 GW by 2030 2021-06-15
    Australia’s solar capacity could up to 80 GW by 2030
    GlobalData says in a new report that solar installations in Australia could grow by a factor of four by 2030. It estimates that the country will reach a solar capacity of 80.22 GW in 2030, from 17.99 GW in 2020. “Australia plans to compensate the decline in thermal and hydropower capacity with renewable power capacity growth,” said GlobalData power analyst Aditya Sharma. “By 2030, the share of renewable power capacity is set to reach 69.9%, driven mostly by solar PV installations. ”Australia’s various federal, state and local regulatory regimes as one of the primary drivers for its already world-leading solar deployment. The rate of rooftop solar adoption in the country well exceeds the global average. According to data from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), more than 260 GW of renewable energy was added throughout the world in 2020, surpassing 2019’s previous net increase record by almost 50%. Australia’s pace of growth was almost double the global average, coming in at 18.4%. “The growth of solar PV in Australia is driven by frequent renewable energy auctions and offering of feed-in tariffs, ”continued Sharma. “In addition to the federal initiatives, all eight provinces offer their own schemes supporting growth of solar PV. For instance, in Australian Capital Territory, in addition to solar PV auctions, the provincial government also offers interest-free loans for rooftop solar.” Art Sign Solar, founded in 2006, which is one of the biggest professional manufacturers and designers of solar roof mounting system and solar ground mounting system in China, we also supply various solar mounting components such as solar rail, stainless steel roof hook, mid clamp, end clamp, standing seam roof clamp, triangle kit, adjustable front leg/rear leg, ground lug, earthing clip, cable clip, ground screw, steel channel rail, etc. Committed to become the most trusted solar photovoltaic system solutions partners with enterprises from all over the world.
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  • Spring outing with a light mood -- Artsign staff to Chaoshan 2021-06-01
    Spring outing with a light mood -- Artsign staff to Chaoshan
    It is the most pleasant thing for friends to gather together and play around and to chase the footsteps of spring, to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery. All of artsign administrative staff come together to Chaozhou and shantou city,a pleasant two-day trip! First station we have arrived Nan’ao island,which is located in the city of Shantou, and have a close embrace with the coming Spring. Besides the scenic touring, Beautiful sea and blu sky all leave us a heartless mood and nice experience memory. Want to see some pics? Below is the approval. Group Photo Beautiful sea Artsign Dinner Second station Chaozhou City Delicious hot dinner meal! We are Family To enrich the staffs’ amateur life and to train the staff cohesion has been the focus of Artsign company. Artsign organizes a wide range of activities, so that its staffs are able to work in a relaxed atmosphere and feel the big warmth from family, which in reverse encourage them to work together as a team, and improve their productivity and efficiency. Artsign company goal is to work happily at” family” atmosphere and strive hard for its better future.
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  • Art sign trip to Ping Tan | Artsignenergy.com 2021-05-17
    Art sign trip to Ping Tan | Artsignenergy.com
    Our company organized the worker of workshop to a short trip to Ping Tan. They got together in the early morning of 14May and went to Ping Tan by bus. Ping Tan is a beautiful island near to Taiwan. Our colleague take lots of nice picture of the island. I would like to share them with you: blue sea, nice seashore, peaceful beach, happy person and all this like a painting picture. Our colleague have enjoyed a good time during this trip. We have to thanks to our company to offer this chance to us to relax ourselves after work. It is also a good chance for us to deal with each other and know better of each other during the trip. Although the weather was hot and emotion of our colleague was also as high as the weather. They talked happily with each other and played happily with each other. It was really an unforgettable journey for all our colleague and it is also a fun and meaningful trip to our colleague. Our company provide us leisure and entertainment while enhancing the cohesion for us and providing motivation for the company’s new struggle and play a positive role in promoting the company’s culture.
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  • Solar brackets' row aluminum material are rising now 2021-05-06
    Solar brackets' row aluminum material are rising now
    As reported that the row material for solar brackets are rising now. Not only aluminum material but also hot dipped galvanized steel material are rising. It's a headache that we are as an solar structure manufacturer, that means our solar mounting structure price also should be rising with the row material rising. But don’t worry, ArtSign solar boss has adjust our solar brackets’ price that it's not much of a change from previous prices. We are not only stabilize our aluminum solar mounting but also the hot dipped gaivanized steel solar mounting. Because of this movement, our customers are very glad and they are placing more orders than ever before. In these month, we received the representative big orders are solar carport mounting, solar accessories, solar aluminum ground mounting, solar steel pv ground mounting, solar ground screw mounting and so on. Welcome to inquiry if you have any solar pv mounting brackets questions, Art Sign always here for you.
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  • International Photovoltaic Industry Information | Art Sign 2021-04-19
    International Photovoltaic Industry Information | Art Sign
    1、 New record! Belgium adds 1 GW PV installed capacity in 2020 According to the new data released by the Belgian Trade Organization apere, Belgium's new photovoltaic deployment exceeded the 1 GW threshold for the first time last year, about 1010 MW, setting a new record. By the end of December, its cumulative solar capacity had exceeded 6 gigawatts. By contrast, the newly installed PV capacity in 2019 and 2018 is only 544 MW and 367 MW. 2、Kazakhstan's renewable energy installed capacity has increased more than 9 times in six years, Kazakhstan's renewable energy industry has developed steadily thanks to a series of support measures taken by the government, Kazakh energy minister nojiayev said recently. The total installed capacity of renewable energy has increased from 178 MW in 2014 to 1635 MW in 2020. According to the statistics of Kazakhstan's Ministry of energy, there are 116 renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan, including 29 wind power stations, 44 photovoltaic power stations, 38 hydropower stations and 5 biomass power stations. By the end of 2020, Harbin renewable energy power generation will account for 3% of the total national power generation. According to the plan, the proportion of renewable energy power generation will increase to 6% by 2025, 10% by 2030 and 50% by 2050. 3、Artsign is very professional manufacturer in solar mounting systems (solar roof hook、solar system mount、tile roof hook solar、ground solar panel mounting、pv solar mounting clamp and so on )for 15 years. we Offer and produce the Unique Design Of Solar PV Mounting System. Artsign has lots of strength, such as Strong R&D capability. OEM&ODM.AS/NZS 1170 Standard and SGS test report, ISO certificate CE, JIS.Pre-assemble main structure which saves your labor cost and installation time. Prompt and highly-efficient shipment make sure that our client can receive the goods on time and qualified. Rich experience of exporting. Our products exported to Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa more than 50 countries. So wait for your join cooperation with Artsign. More information, pls contact Art Sign, he will provide more details to you about solar mount structure. Email: [email protected]  Whatsapp/Tel: 0086-18030235875
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