How to celebrate Mother's Day in China? May 13,2024.
When Is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday in May annually; therefore, the date changes yearly. On 2024, 12th May would be the Mother’s Day.

Origin of Mother's Day
In 1905, when Ann Jarvis died. Her daughter, Anna, decided to memorialize her mother’s lifelong activism, and began a campaign that culminated in 1914 when Congress passed a Mother’s Day resolution. Finally Anna Jarvis Turns Mother's Day Into a National Holiday.
How to celebrate Mother's Day in China.
Even though Mother’s day started off in the US, the Chinese are also gladly accepting this special occasion as part of their customs. Many cultural celebrations are held in colleges and schools to celebrate Mother’s Day in China.
On that Day, Chinese people usually celebrate with their mothers by visiting them at home, giving gifts and offering help; going out for dinner and having fun together; preparing a specially made piayu (a type of food) that symbolizes good luck, wealth, and longevity; writing poems or songs to honor mothers and other elders.
Other activities take place during this holiday such as offering food to monks and going out for a walk together as a family.

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