Is the size of the photovoltaic module the bigger the better ? 2021-03-25

Recently, large-size photovoltaic modules have been increasingly used in photovoltaic projects. There is no technical difficulty in increasing the size of photovoltaic modules. It is nothing more than simply increasing the number of photovoltaic cells, regardless of the specifications of silicon wafers. Obviously, the dividends brought by the increase in module size have basically reached the limit due to the active promotion of module manufacturers in the past few years. If you go further down, you can no longer bring more value, but rather increase risks.

As we all know, the life cycle of a photovoltaic power plant system is generally more than 20 years or even longer. Once the module size is "too large", the risk of cracks and breakage during module installation and long-term use will rise exponentially, and the risks of super-high power and super-high current in the junction box and hot spots will also be greatly increased. In the decades of outdoor operation of the power station system, if it encounters a natural disaster (hail, gale, snow and other extreme weather) that occurs once in a decade, the damage risk of oversized module will increase by more than 80%. If it is a once-in-a-century event, this The risk index will rise sharply to more than 20 times! In the face of unpredictable and major outdoor natural disasters, customers' investment income will not be guaranteed at all, and even insurance companies cannot quantify this risk.

According to reports, the self-weight deformation of the module with an area of 3 square meters reaches 11mm, and the type variable will be even more exaggerated under the action of uneven snow and wind. The hot spot power of the super-large module will increase by more than 20%. Superimposed on the local high leakage current density of the large-size battery, the hot spot temperature can easily rise by 180 degrees, which is unbearable for the polymer materials in the module. In terms of transportation and installation damage, even a 3% increase in damage rate is unacceptable for photovoltaic projects that are extremely sensitive to initial investment.

As the core component of the photovoltaic power generation system, the stable and safe operation of module products is always the most fundamental "lifeline" of customer interests. Let us look at the actual power station accidents that have sounded the alarm for our module design and photovoltaic power station product selection:

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Art Sign has always adhered to the basic principle of "quality and safety" in the design and production of Solar Mounting for roof and ground. Art Sign engineer design the solar structures according to the photovoltaic projects' requirements, such as wind load requirements, snow load, and other environmental factors, make sure the strength of the solar mounting structure are strong enough, base on this, engineer team always develop new products and update design to help customers to save cost as much as possible. This is why most of our customers have cooperated with us for more than 10 years.

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