A regular safety learning training meeting held on Mar. 29th 2021-04-06

In order to better implement lean management, improve operational skills, and expand working ideas, XIAMEN ART SIGN COMPANY LTD. conducted a regular safety learning training meeting organized by the human resources department and workshop management personnel.

The main content of this study includes two parts: the safe operation skills of the production line employees and the on-site management ability.

Throughout the learning process, the employees of our factory are strictly disciplined, study earnestly, ask for advice humbly, and show a good spirit.

Through this training, we have benefited a lot. Everyone has not only improved their cognition and operation ability for their respective positions, but also broadened the idea of on-site lean management, especially on how to regulate the operation of machines and efficiently and safely produce high-quality products. We have received a lot of inspiration and learned new method.

We will build on our strengths and make up for our weaknesses and continue to improve, so as to improve work efficiency, enhance the company's overall image, promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the company, and provide customers with excellent solar mounting system products!

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