Art Sign Plants trees on Tree-Planting Day (Arbor Day) | Art Sign 2021-03-15

March 12th is China's annually National Tree-planting Day. On this day, millions of Chinese, from all walks of life, will put their works at hands aside for a moment, take shovels and buckets as well as saplings, and trek out to green up their hometowns.

On Tree Planting Day, China hosts a range of widely organized tree-planting activities. Usually, universities, middle schools, elementary schools, and state-owned enterprises organize students or employees to plant trees in the suburbs. By planting seedlings, fertilizing and watering, people learn to appreciate reforestation and further become aware of the environment in the process.

In China, Tree Planting Day has become such an important festival that, in recent years, the “Internet Trees Planting” system has become popular. This system was initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme, China Population Welfare Foundation, and China Green Foundation. By simply logging onto the official website and clicking, people can donate one tree.

Art Sign company planted plenty of trees on March 12th, 2021, and we will keep carrying out tree-planting activity on this day of every year to protect the environment and pursue environment-friendly development.

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