The completion of 1.6MW project in Akita, Japan 2020-04-05
Japan's photovoltaic market has always been one of the key markets developed by domestic photovoltaic enterprises. In the past 10 years, artsign has won the favor of many local customers by virtue of its high standard design, high-quality products and efficient service response speed. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known EPC companies, laying a solid foundation for the development of artsign's Japanese market.

ISEEenergy aluminum alloy scaffold has been widely praised by Japanese customers, and the completed 1.6MW project this year adopts aluminum alloy scaffold. The surface is treated with high standard, with high durability and excellent stability. All support components are highly preassembled, easy to install, saving labor and cost.

(Qiutian 1.6MW aluminum alloy scaffold + pile foundation)

(Qiutian 1.6MW aluminum alloy scaffold + pile foundation)

Qiutian project adopts pile foundation, Shizuoka project adopts ground bolt foundation, both of which have the advantages of fast construction speed, convenient recovery and no damage to the environment.

(Qiutian 1.6MW aluminum alloy scaffold + pile foundation)

At present, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still in the process of development, and the situation of prevention and control is severe. Many foreign orders of photovoltaic enterprises are affected. The road ahead is difficult but also facing opportunities. Artsign will face the challenges ahead with a more active attitude.

Artsign, wait for "sunny" with you!

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