March 2020 - UAE solar energy exhibition, successfully concluded 2020-03-10

Solartech brings together more than 20 countries and 300 colleagues in the solar energy industry. This is a great opportunity for you to establish a network with photovoltaic colleagues, industry experts, policy makers, scholars and international representatives from all over the world to create trade opportunities.

So artsign ( ART SIGN ) , with sincerity and the best products, is looking forward to meeting you. Our goal is to "win-win" with you.

Exhibition results:

About 200 companies and individuals are attracted to our booth for exchange and negotiation. Most of the visitors show great interest in our products.

Through the exhibition of this product and the exchange and study with the industry personnel, our products are recognized by the enterprises coming to the exhibition, and Artsign is officially understood by the UAE market.

We will see after the successful conclusion of this exhibition.

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