This is a special weekend, because this weekend is our colleague Spring's wedding, she finally found her Mr. Right. The wedding was held in her hometown-Yongchun. We all went to Yongchun to send her the most sincere blessings.

Yongchun is a beautiful place, just as beautiful as the name of Spring, with many beautiful scenery, for example, Niumlin is one of them, known as Xishuangbanna in southern Fujian. After the wedding, we went to visit Niu Mushan.

Niumlin is a paradise back to nature. Although Niumlin does not have temple incense, its unique forest landscape is full of charm. When we step into Niumlin, it feels like we are in the cradle of nature and walk into a magical forest world; walking through the forest, The morning light passing by the tree canopy makes people feel refreshed. The fresh air and endless fragrances refresh people's hearts and linger.

While walking, we often encounter naughty little monkeys coming over to ask for food.

This is really a happy weekend , we all feel that working at ArtSign is really a very happy thing.

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