Art Sign Mid Autumn Festival Celebration 2021 2021-09-21

In the pleasent season of Autumn , There is a festival named" Mid Autumn Day" ,which is annual Chinese traditional Festival.

Every year, Art Sign organize all employees to attend Bobing game and Dinner to celebrate our Mid-Autumn Festival, Bobing as it is known in Chinese, is complicated and insightful, and comes into its own in Xiamen for the festival. This year,we should have organized Bobing Activity in September, however it delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Finally this afternoon,we will restart this Bobing Game,Good Luck to everyone !

Bobing has been maintained as a Mid-Autumn custom by the locals for hundreds of years, forming a part of the city's own particular mooncake culture. Bobing is a highly enjoyable game in which people throw dice into a bowl, with the different pips they get standing for the different ranks of awards they can win. Those who play the game believe that the player who rolls the top prize, called "Zhuangyuan", will enjoy a year of good fortune.

By our Mid-Autumn Festival, Art Sign wish all friends be safe, happy, lucky, healthy and prosperious! We will be always your reliable partner of Solar Mounting Structure .


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