The New Trend of Solar Rooftop Structure -Industry+PV May 16,2022.
For the Solar Rooftop Structure,there are Various of Roof Types.The era of Industry+PV become a new Trend..

To install photovoltaic solar mounting system on building rooftop which become the first choice for many business owners to increase income and reduce expenditure.

Industrial buildings have large ereas can be used to install Solar PV Mounting, the enterprise are large consumers of electricity. If photovoltaic can be combined with these roof resources, it will be a huge wealth, not only economical benefits, but it also can promote the visibility of the enterprise.

Solar energy is a green renewable energy, we should make better use of it.
Art sign is a professional Designer and manufacturer.

Who specialized in the design, development and production of solar mounting system Since 2006.
We own an excellent team that is more than 80 employees, with 8500 m2 plant and 2000m2 office area .
Our Capacity: 20-30 MW Mounting Structures per month.
And So far we have developed more than 100 solutions of Photovoltaic Solar PV mounting system (including Solar roof mount and ground Solar mount, agriculture structure,solar carport mounting) and thousands of solar accessories.
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