EU countries have already increased renewables targets 2022-09-30

solar mounting system solutions

To reduce energy reliance on Russia, the European Union plans “Digitalizing the Energy System” action. They plan to install solar panels and solar mounting system on rooftops of all commercial and public buildings by 2027 and on all new residential buildings by 2029.

ArtSign solar has been solar mounting structure manufacturer for more than 16 years. This year, more than 80% solar panel mounting brackets inquiries are from EU. Just from September 13 to today, ArtSign has completed loading 57x 40ft containers for European orders.

Solar power energy is cheap, renewable and clean, so far it’s one of the cheapest renewable energies in the market and it’s most easy to residential houses. There’s reports mentioned that in 2021, 5.2% of the EU’s total electricity production came from solar energy. Based on current market trends, it probably will meet up to 20% of the EU’s electricity demand by 2040.

From October 1st to 7th both the ArtSign factory and office will be closed for National Day and will reopen work on October 8th.

During the holiday, though production will be stopped, there will be staff on duty to answer inquiries about solar panel rail and other solar mounting system solutions.

Thank you for your concern and support!

Best wishes for the 73rd China National Day!

Have a happy and peaceful week!

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