China uses solar energy to reduce carbon emissions Dec 15,2021.

China's electricity is mainly generated by coal. With the advancement of science and technology, China has made significant progress in the use of solar energy. Especially the sustainable development strategy proposed by President Xi Jinping. China has increased its investment in renewable energy, such as wind power, hydro power and solar power.

The Chinese government proposed at the 75th United Nations General Assembly on September 22, 2020: "China will increase its nationally determined contributions, adopt more powerful policies and measures, and strive to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and strive achieve carbon neutrality before 2060 ."

China has already made major commitments to transitioning its energy systems towards renewable, especially power generation from solar power. China uses solar power to reduce carbon emissions. At present, China has established Dozens photovoltaic power stations, every station more than 500MW in different province. China Electricity will mainly rely on solar power in the future, and it will meet 43.2% of China’s electricity demands in 2060. The solar power electricity prices will be very cheap and reliable.

China not only uses solar energy to achieve carbon neutrality, but also helps other countries build solar photovoltaic power plants. Since 2018, Vietnam’s solar power has been boosted by Chinese finance and technology. EFT group hires China’s Dongfang Electric Corp to build its 60MW solar power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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