Beautiful! These universities install photovoltaic power stations! 2020-07-30

As shown in the picture, the outer wall of a male dormitory building in Beijing Jiaotong University is "climbed" with solar panels. The school said that the distributed photovoltaic + energy storage on the external wall alleviates the overload of electricity, not only can improve and beautify the appearance of the building, but also generate electricity, and has a good effect on popular science.

Beijing Jiaotong University

This was officially opened in September 2018 and was listed as a "New Energy Microgrid Demonstration Project" by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration. The design concept is "Green City, Times University", and the construction goal is smart, low-carbon, energy-saving, Environmentally friendly green campus.

It is the only one of 28 national demonstration projects in Shanghai, the only university campus demonstration project in China, and the only smart microgrid university in the country.

Shanghai University Of Electric Power

The project adopts the ground grid ballast support system, which does not damage the original roof structure; adopts the spontaneous self-use power generation mode, which effectively alleviates the electrical power used by enterprises in the Zhejiang University Science and Technology Park, and the system power generation self-use ratio reaches 100% (no power waste).

Zhejiang University

The parking shed of Shanghai Ocean University should also consider the function of preventing rain while satisfying the shading

Shandong University of Architecture and Engineering

The characteristics of the photovoltaic project of Shandong Architecture University: do not occupy land, use the blank area of the roof for photovoltaic power generation, while reducing the loss in the process of power transmission, achieving the perfect combination of photovoltaic power generation and building.

Shanghai Ocean University

In the "Solar Decathlon Competition", Tongji University's entry "Bamboo House" attracted a lot of attention, because the entire suite's façade was all made of bamboo, and the interior floor and wall decorations and furniture were mostly made of bamboo.

The biggest feature of the "Bamboo House" is that it integrates traditional Chinese architectural elements and solar photovoltaic power generation systems, and uses the inclined roof to maximize the efficiency of solar photovoltaic power generation. Moreover, its main material bamboo is a natural material, which grows fast and is environmentally friendly. "Bamboo House" incorporates the original ecological architectural style of southern China.

Tongji University

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