About solar carport mounting systems Jan 14,2022.

In addition to being paved on the industrial plant and roof, the solar power generation system software can also be integrated with the parking shed. It is a simpler and feasible way to closely combine with engineering buildings. The parking power generation is not delayed. It is often used in the industrial park of processing plant, commercial block, hospital clinic, campus, etc.

As a new distributed photovoltaic project (perhaps as part of the period), the photovoltaic vehicle shed is closely combined with the vehicle charging pile and new energy electric vehicles. The power generation capacity of the solar power generation module built on the roof is applied. According to the battery charging device, it is stored in the battery or immediately provided with the battery vehicle charger application. It can be purchased spontaneously, and even on the residual power network. Art sign develop two designs for the carport systems ,one is as belows:

carport mounting systems

Photovoltaic shed is a new way of power generation, and it is also the development trend in the future. It can be installed early and benefit early. It is mainly composed of support management system, rechargeable battery module array, lighting lamps and operating inverter management system, battery charging device management system and lightning protection and grounding management system. The key of the support management system includes the support point pole, the inclined beam fixed in the middle of the support point pole, the steel purlin connected into the inclined main beam to support the point solar cell module array, and the standard parts of the fixed rechargeable battery module array. The other style as belows:

residential solar carport manufacturers

Under each parking shed, there is a combiner box. The solar panel on the top of the parking shed is used to store and sort out the digested and absorbed power consumption, and then convert the DC power supply into AC current according to the transmission to the inverter power supply, so that it can be transported to the power network and complete the power generation.

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